In this sermon, we considered a very short, seemingly insignificant part of the captivating story found in the book of Esther. We read that:

  1. two men were privately talking about bringing harm to the king,
  2. this information was reported to the king,
  3. the matter was investigated,
  4. the men were found guilty,
  5. and then they were executed.

So, as I looked at this event, I couldn’t help but realize that it created an opportunity to look at the concept of government from a Christian worldview. We answered the following questions:

  1. Does the Christian worldview recognize governmental authority?
  2. Does the Christian worldview believe that a government has the right to administer justice to those who had broken the laws of the land?

To view the post that I referred to at the end of this sermon, simply click on the following link: “On Loving and Killing Our Enemies”

You can download my sermon notes by clicking this link: “God, Government, & Justice” (Esther 2:19-23)

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