All too often, we Christians only give Jesus a half-hearted effort at following Him. Sometimes, we segment our time by giving Him Sunday morning’s and keeping the rest of the week for us. Some “Christians” are simply satisfied with the fact that they have said a prayer for salvation as they continue to live their life for themselves.

God speaks clearly to us in James 4:1-10 by calling us to align our allegiances. He wants all of us all the time. And the wonderful thing is that this is in our best interests.

In the sermon, I provided a graph that demonstrated the three ways we are tempted, the three ways Eve (and Adam) were tempted, and the three temptations that Jesus overcame. Here is a picture of that slide:

Three Categories of Temptations

You can download my sermon notes by clicking this link: “Who Are You Serving?” (James 4:1-10)

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