April 1: “What’s Love Got to Do With It?”

4 Minute Read


Deuteronomy 18:1–20:20
Luke 9:28-50
Psalm 73:1-28
Proverbs 12:10


Luke 9:45 (CSB): “But they did not understand this statement; it was concealed from them so that they could not grasp it, and they were afraid to ask him about it.”


Our Verse for Today is an interesting one. We are told that the disciples were afraid to ask Jesus a question that they had no answer to.

If we look back to the previous verses, we realize that a man had brought his son to Jesus. The boy was demon-possessed which demonstrated itself with self-destructive and dangerous behavior.

The disciples had previously been given “power and authority over all the demons and to heal diseases” (Luke 9:1). But, there was clear evidence in this demon-possessed boy and a heartbroken father that the disciples had not been able to do what they had been commissioned to do.

So, we hear Jesus soundly rebuke His disciples:

Luke 9:41 (CSB): “Jesus replied, ‘You unbelieving and perverse generation, how long will I be with you and put up with you? Bring your son here.'”

As His disciples were licking their wounds from Jesus’ verbal rebuke, He healed the boy. Then, we read the following words which include our Verse for Today:

Luke 9:43-45 “While everyone was amazed at all the things he was doing, he told his disciples, ‘Let these words sink in: The Son of Man is about to be betrayed into the hands of men.’ But they did not understand this statement; it was concealed from them so that they could not grasp it, and they were afraid to ask him about it.”

The disciples were unable to understand what Jesus said and they wanted to ask the question: “Jesus, what did you mean when you said that?” But, “they were afraid to ask him about it.”

If there was ever someone who demonstrated love, it was Jesus. He is the standard. As fully God and fully man, Jesus demonstrated for us exactly how to live in complete compliance with God’s laws, especially the laws of love (Mark 12:29-31).

Yet, contemporary Christianity fails to see this. We have come to define love in a very different way. We define love as warm fuzzy feelings. We assume that if someone is truly loving, then others will never, ever be afraid to ask them questions. We assume that if someone is loving, then no harsh words will ever come out of their mouth.

Yet, the disciples were clearly afraid to ask Jesus their questions. And when we read chapters like Matthew 23, we realize that Jesus said words that were so harsh that they would get any pastor fired who directed them toward the guilty.

How are we to reconcile this? How are we to understand Jesus as being the perfect example of someone who loves God the Father with all His heart, soul, mind, and strength and then loves His neighbor as He loves Himself while, at the same time, being someone who speaks harsh truth when necessary and is so brutally honest that His disciples are afraid to ask Him a simple question?

To answer this question would take a month of Sundays. But, this post will have accomplished its purpose if it has got you thinking that our definition of love and God’s definition of love, as demonstrated in Jesus’ life, might be very different.


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I have an incredible wife that God gave to me on May 10, 1997. Since then, the Lord has blessed us with three wonderful boys. I am also the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Polk City, Florida.

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