Sean’s Basic Training Graduation (Day 4/4)

Today was our last day with Sean before he ships out to Tech School tomorrow morning. We will also be heading back to Florida tomorrow.

We started off by picking up Sean and Josh at 9 AM. Josh is one of Sean’s friends that he made during basic training.

We wanted to start the day with worship. But, while all believers serve the same God, we don’t all serve God in the same way, or with the same enthusiasm. We wanted to join with a body of believers that took God’s Word seriously and would provide an opportunity to worship.

After a bit of a struggle to determine where we would worship (traffic problems, etc.), we finally determined that we would head to the RiverWalk and locate a church close by. We ended up at First Baptist Church of San Antonio and really enjoyed it.

Taken from our seats on the front row of the balcony.
First Baptist Church, San Antonio

After worshipping our God together, Sean and Josh were swarmed by some folks who wanted to thank them for their service. Then, we headed to the Riverwalk.

Josh took our picture along the river. Honestly, I felt like jumping into the river. It was around 100* outside!

Kim and I couldn’t help but snap a few photos of Sean and Josh as they walked together. We are so proud of their willingness to serve our country and proudly wear the uniform.

Sean and Josh

We shopped a little more at the Shops at RiverCenter and then headed back to Lackland Air Force Base. Kim and I knew that it was only a short time before we were going to say goodbye to Sean. We had said ‘good-bye’ to Zach about a week ago and there were tears in our eyes. Now, we were saying ‘good-bye’ again.

I never realized what parents felt when their children left home until we experienced it. While we know that it is necessary to say ‘good-bye’ to our boys in order for them to fly, saying ‘good-bye’ sure stinks.

Kim hugging her son as he prepares to leave for Tech School tomorrow morning.
Josh leaves for Tech School tonight at 11:00 PM. Sean takes off at 6:00 AM tomorrow. I can’t wait to see Sean again in a few months!

This final picture wasn’t taken today. It was taken last night. But, I just had to share it. We were about to eat a pizza for supper when Sean was asked to pray over the food. As he prayed, I couldn’t help but realize that Sean’s faith was still intact after 8 1/2 weeks in the military. His love for the Lord and his commitment to follow Him is still a vital part of who He is. It makes Kim’s and my heart super happy! God has been so gracious to us!

Sean praying over our supper.

3 John 4 (CSB): “I have no greater joy than this: to hear that my children are walking in truth.”

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I have an incredible wife that God gave to me on May 10, 1997. Since then, the Lord has blessed us with three wonderful boys. I am also the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Polk City, Florida.

4 thoughts on “Sean’s Basic Training Graduation (Day 4/4)

  1. It’s hard to see our kids leave the nest But it’s good to see how God is using them for His glory. I know I cry when ever I see Brandon whether I’m coming or leaving. Our youngest son lives on the other side of town so we get to see him and very thankful.

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    1. What you have said can only be understood by those who have experienced it. It is a strange mixture of sadness and pride (with quite a few other emotions tucked in, too). But, it is also one of the events in life that God uses to keep us on our knees in prayer.


  2. You are so right Bro Matt. I never understood what people were making such a big deal about when their children left home and moved to another city. THEN it was our turn to experience the emotional roller-coaster 🎢 of this event. One part is an emotional high but there is also a heart -ache. It certainly adds to our prayer life.

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