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Ask Me Anything

April 2019

Do you have a question about what it means to be a Christian or some aspect of the Christian life?

Does a Bible verse have you scratching your head as you wonder what it means?

Do you wonder how a Christian is to respond to certain issues in our/your culture?

The possibilities for questions are virtually endless … and I want to help. Fallible as I am, I am serious about wanting to know and convey to others what God’s Word says, what it means, and how it plays out in the 21st century.

Feel free to send your question(s) to and I will consider answering it in an upcoming blog post. And, don’t worry – I will keep your name and information completely confidential.

Of course, I’m flawed and my answer(s) may not always be correct. But, I will give my best shot at what the Bible has to say about it … and at least we will have got the conversation started. If you would like, we could continue the conversation in the “Comments” section below the blog post.

In Christ,
Matt Ellis

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