I obtained my free copy of “90 Days of God’s Goodness” from Multnomah for review. I handpicked this book because of my love for Randy Alcorn’s writings and I was not disappointed. Let me outline why this book should be read by every Christian.
First, for anyone who has experienced, is experiencing or will experience some really tough times (and this includes all of us), this book is extremely relevant and very comforting. Each entry can be read in about 5-10 minutes and includes a Scripture, comforting/insightful word from the author and a closing prayer. The author’s words comfort the heart and inform the mind.
Second, this book is creative. As I prepared to read this book, I wondered how much could be said about dealing with difficulty. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that the author makes each chapter fascinating and unique. He looks at the theme of suffering (sickness, death of a loved one, loss of job, lawsuits, severed relationships, persecution, etc.) from various angles in each chapter and never makes you feel like he’s repeating himself. As you trek through the book, you find yourself looking forward to the next journey he will take you on in the consecutive readings.
Third, this book isn’t just “fluff” as so many other books today. It’s easy reading and yet at the same time it builds a biblical theology of suffering. It addresses the questions of why suffering happens, what suffering produces, how a child of God is to respond to suffering, etc. The fact that the author can present a book filled with theology and yet present it as a devotional, easy-reading book speaks to the giftedness God has given him. The author has the ability to simplify the complex without watering it down.
Fourth, the author has the moral authority to write a book on suffering. As he includes so many stories of people who have suffered, he peppers the book with his own trials. He is very transparent and speaks of many different traumatic events that God has allowed into his life. As you become aware of the calamities he has experienced and then continue to hear him talk of God’s goodness, it gives the book power. You realize that you aren’t simply listening to someone who wants to make a buck off of a book sale. He’s writing from experience and wants to help others glorify God in their difficulties.
As I heartily recommend this book to you, I’ll conclude with a quote from day 82 that explains why I believe you must read it: “Before difficult times come your way, develop the habits of studying God’s Word, listening to Christ-centered teaching and music, reading soul-nourishing literature, both nonfiction and fiction. Daily fill the reservoir from which you can draw when facing difficult times – and helping others face theirs.”