As I watch video footage of the devastating tsunami waves coming ashore in Japan, my heart is breaking. In one scene, I watched men and women in what proved to be a futile attempt to get away from the wall of water. They frantically drove their vehicles away from the death that would overtake them. To my horror, I continued to watch what happened moments later. I pray that their families will be able to recover their bodies for the funeral. 

As some watch these horrific scenes, knowing that there will be thousands of lives lost, they will ask, “Why?! If there is a God in Heaven and He is a God of love, why would this happen?!”

Can I share just a few, brief thoughts?

First, God didn’t create our world like this. In Genesis 1, after He separated the oceans from land (Genesis 1:9-10), He looked at the finished product and said that it was good. No hurricanes. No flooding. No tsunamis. Everything was perfect.

Second, when Adam and Eve sinned, as the original stewards of creation, their actions brought death and destruction. Because of their actions, God’s creation became cursed (Genesis 3:17). It didn’t operate as smoothly as it first did. Now, there are hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, wildfires, and yes, tsunamis.

Third, God will do nothing to salvage this present creation. Instead, one day He will completely destroy it with fire (2 Peter 3:5-7) and create a brand new earth for believers to live on forever (Revelation 21-22). Only those who have received the gift of eternal life will be allowed to enter that Heavenly place. At that time, we will be made incapable of sin and so the creation will never, ever be cursed again. That is the Heaven we long for.

Lastly, how can you know for sure that this world will one day be a distant memory for you as you enjoy God’s new earth for eternity? Go to and click on “Listen to Kirk’s Testimony.” If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I’d LOVE to help you with this decision!