This book is a quick read but will not leave you as it found you. The author, Randy Alcorn, delves into the subject matter of finances and how a Christian is to see his/her role in handling their (God’s) resources.

This book was a pleasure to read. As the author wrote in his introduction: “Some books try to motivate giving out of guilt. This isn’t one of them. This book is about something else – the joy of giving.” The author lives up to these statements. Over and over, he brings out Scripture, personal and biographical stories to show that seeing ourselves as stewards of God’s resources allows us to experience great joy in managing our Lord’s wealth that happens to be in our pockets.

The author deals with such issues as tithing, hoarding, giving to worthy ministries, and so much more. I’m glad I read it and now desire to pick up a lengthier work of Alcorn’s to see where he may elaborate on some of the issues he quickly discussed in this book.

I obtained my free copy of “The Treasure Principle” from Multnomah for review.