One of the best kept secrets to powerful Christian living is prayer. Unfortunately, Christianity in our time has been reduced to a moral code. We are led to believe that Christians are measured by how good they are and not necessarily by the presence of the supernatural in their life. Prayer is the way to invite God in tangible ways into your day-to-day experiences.

If you are like many Christians and know you should pray more but need some encouragement or insights into effective praying, I would heartily recommend “Prayer: Asking and Receiving.” It is definitely one of the top two books on prayer that I’ve ever read (the other one is “How to Pray” by R.A. Torrey). I first purchased it as a paperback when I was in college for about a dollar. A preacher friend was getting rid of some books. I had no idea what a prized possession I bought that day until I began to read it for the first time.

Rice’s book is saturated with Scripture and biblical principles that will show you how to pray effectively and get the things you pray for. Each chapter is also peppered with stories from the life of the author. He regularly recounts his own experiences of receiving from God precisely what he asked for in prayer. These stories give the author credibility and allow the reader to be encouraged to renew their passion and practice of prayer.

This book was written in 1942 and so the writing style and some of the illustrations are definitely not contemporary. However, what this book has to offer is worth the effort to go outside of your comfort zone.

One of the least expensive options for purchasing this book is at the website that bears the author’s name. You can check it out at: