This morning proved to be interesting … and if you have a weak stomach, do not read this post.

Zach and I went through our usual morning routine after Kim took Sean and Joseph to school. We headed out the door, hopped into the car, drove to the bus stop a few blocks down the street and waited.

In a moment of transparency between father and son, I acknowledged that Satan would love for nothing more than to derail us on our road toward Christlikeness. I warned him that the desires and opportunities to satisfy those sinful desires would grow but by God’s grace and strength, he must master them.

I told him that God has called us to be holy. I told him that we are set apart for Christ and that we should not even let our big toe step off the road of holiness.

While I acknowledged that I’ve failed many times and cried out for God’s forgiveness, holiness is a serious matter.

I reached a point in the conversation where quiet settled in. I wondered if I was getting through to him. I wondered if I had been too “preachy.”

Just moments later, as we both watched, a car passed us and made its way down the street. Two squirrels darted out from a yard and ran in front of the car. One didn’t make it. The tire ran over its head.

As the car continued down the road, the squirrel tried to run but its head was dragging on the ground like dead weight (more like a heavy pancake). In a few moments, it dropped to the ground. Its legs continued flaying about but only for a few seconds.

Almost as quickly as it happened, the squirrel stopped moving and was reclassified. It moved from “squirrel” to “roadkill.”

I saw my opportunity to drive home my previous point. I pointed my finger at the dead squirrel and said, “Zach, that’s what Satan wants to do to you. You pursue holiness and it will never happen.”

As he got out of the car to board the bus, he looked at me and said, “Great illustration!” I hope it sunk in.