Nearing the finish line!

This was a great race. I had done a lot of hill runs and hill sprints to prepare for it because there was virtually no flat surface. It was ALL hills.

I lined up in the back of the pack with Kim and Joseph. The horn to start the race caught us by surprise. It took about 10 seconds or so to actually cross the start line after the race began. I encouraged Kim and Joseph to take it easy and then started to pass some people. I came up along Zach and Sean, let them know the pace they were running was fine and encouraged them to maintain that pace for about a half mile and then run at whatever speed they desired.

After a couple of blocks, the route began a downhill slope that lasted for about a third of a mile. I picked up the pace and began passing more people. When I came alongside some of our ‘Run for God’ team members, I said, “Think Dairy Queen Blizzard.” (I told them beforehand that if they crossed the finish line before their pastor, I would buy them a Blizzard.)

Previously, I had tried to figure out what my max heart rate was. I sprinted up a hill a couple of times during my training phase and got it to 180bpm. However, a half mile into the race, my monitor read 186bpm! (I actually saw it get to 192bpm at the finish line!) I was a little winded but felt like I could keep up the pace. I began passing a few more people.

The second part of the race really got hilly. At one point, I was feeling fried and wanted to stop and walk for a moment but I just couldn’t get myself to do it. It was only 3.1 miles and by the time I was experiencing that feeling, I was within 3/4 miles of the finish line.

I had intended to sprint the last 1/4 mile to the finish line but didn’t have it in me. I crossed with a time of 24′ 40″ with an average pace of 7:57/mile.

Here are a few of my stats:

  • Mile 1     –     7’39” pace     –     187bpm ave. heart rate
  • Mile 2     –     7’53” pace     –     181bpm ave. heart rate
  • Mile 3     –     8’33” pace     –     189bpm ave. heart rate
  • My max heart rate was 192bpm at the end of the race.
  • I placed 18th overall with 160 runners. (click here for printout.)
  • I placed 2nd in my group (males / 40-44) with 12 runners. (click here for printout.)
  • Pictures from the race can be accessed here.
Kim’s foot after the race. It wasn’t as bad as it looks.

After crossing the Finish Line, I cheered for my boys and wife as they crossed the line. I was so proud of them! Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a lifelong running habit for them.

Zach placed 2nd and Sean placed 3rd in the boys / age 10-14 category. Joseph placed 1st in the boys / age 5-9 category. Kim was the only one who didn’t place in her age/gender category. She’s been so busy with work and family that she hadn’t been able to adequately train. This picture of her foot immediately following the race also shows that she gave it everything she had. I’m proud of her!

A little motivation as we raced up the last hill
and turned to sprint the last 1/4 mile to the finish line.