A week from today, I’ll stand at the Start Line with more than a hundred other runners. Our hearts will pound in our chests as we wait for the sound of the starting gun. Then, it all comes down to who has trained and prepared for the race because the course is a bear!

This race will be extra special to me. Why? Because it will be the second time I run this race. Last year, I was new to running when I entered the LifeChoice Care Center 5K (click link for reflections on race). I had ‘trained’ but honestly knew little about how to properly train. I didn’t know how to breathe properly, stretch, pace, or anything else. I just knew how to run. So, when the race started, I took off. I believe it was adrenaline that took over because I finished with a pretty good time: 3.1 miles in 24 minutes, 21 seconds for an average pace of 7:51/mile.

I’ve never been able to beat that time! I’ve run three 5K’s since then (and one with a course as flat as they come) and yet have never been able to get a better finish time than that first race.

On May 26, 2012, I ran in the Spring Lake 5K race (SUPER hilly) and finished in 27:14. (I also ate a bowl of cereal that morning … yes, with milk. I definitely learned from that mistake.)

On August 25, 2012, I ran in the Red Mule Runners 5K around Lake McKethan. That course is as flat and easy as any 5K I’ll ever run. Yet, I started the race too quickly and my pace during miles 2 and 3 suffered for it. I finished in 25:22.

On November 3, 2012, I ran in the Run for New Beginnings 5K. That was a VERY hilly race through downtown Brooksville and I absolutely enjoyed that race! Yet, I finished in 24:40 – 20 seconds shy of setting a PR (personal record).

So, in one week, I’ll get a second chance. I’ve trained a little better but a couple of things are going against me.
– I’ll try to drop a couple of pounds before the race but I anticipate running with about 5 more pounds than last year.
– I also recently injured my Achilles tendon and had to back off of running for a couple of weeks. This week, I’m babying my A.T. so as not to cause another flair up before the race.

But all that being said, ultimately relying upon the Lord, I plan to beat last year’s time.