View from the front of the sanctuary

As my time at First Baptist Church of Brooksville is coming to an end, I am growing nostalgic. Kim and I have made so many memories with the folks in this church family that will remain with us for the duration of our lives.

But, certain locations also carry memories. For one, I’ll miss the center aisle of the worship center. Throughout the last 7 years of ministry I have spent hours upon hours upon untold hours walking that aisle as I wrestled with God in prayer.

I have prayed for folks who had family problems. I’ve prayed for folks experiencing the loss of loved ones or who were experiencing illness. I’ve prayed for the wayward children and grandchildren of members. I’ve prayed for members who were in sin. I’ve prayed for marriages, jobs, wisdom, strength, direction, protection, effectiveness … you name it.

View from the rear of the sanctuary.

And I’ve seen God answer so many of the prayers offered up while I paced that center aisle. In a very real way, God has become more ‘real’ to me as I’ve sought Him in prayer as I paced the floor in the worship center.

It sounds silly … but I’ll miss that center aisle!