Southern Baptists are a busy people! Whether it is international or local missions, or whether it is feeding and clothing those ravaged by natural disasters, or whether it is training the next generation of leaders in our colleges and seminaries, etc. etc. etc., we are a busy people!

But these things don’t just happen. They cost money. And they cost a whole lot more than any one congregation can provide. Yet, Southern Baptists found a way to fund these endeavors through the Cooperative Program. As we collect tithes and offerings to do ministry in our local congregations and its ministries to the surrounding community and beyond, we pool our monies with other like-minded congregations to fund ministries that no one congregation could fund on its own. What we cannot do individually, we can do together!

Well, where did this incredible program begin? Look at these pictures I took on my run this morning…

Southern Baptist history is rich in Murray, Kentucky.