Our church recently sent Kim and me off for a couple of days at a bed and breakfast. I’ve never been to a bed and breakfast (they sounded a little too much like a female or elderly thing) but I was fair game. Things have been more than a little rough for Kim and me, especially recently, and we needed some time away.

It took us about an hour and a half to get to Maple Hill Bed and Breakfast in Eddyville, Kentucky. The house was impressive as we approached it (the picture makes it look much smaller than it actually is).

We were greeted at the door by the host who invited us in. She took us on a brief tour of the place so that we could get our bearings. The first room we entered made it clear that this house had plenty of ‘atmosphere.’

I usually don’t like antiques but this house was done extremely well! It felt like we stepped back into time to a different era. After staying at my first bed and breakfast, I could see what set it apart from a hotel. A hotel provides the necessities but it is strictly focused on providing a place to sleep. ‘Atmosphere’ isn’t their goal. A bed and breakfast strives to provide a place to rest while also giving you an experience, something that leaves you thinking about it long after you’ve left.

Our church paid for the second floor ‘Rose Room’ which seems to have been the nicest room. The amenities inside the room were very well thought-out and the view out the windows was breathtaking. Lake Barkley was visible from two of the windows and the bay behind the house was visible from the third window.

Again, Kim and I really don’t care much for antiques. Yet, this room was decked out in furniture, rugs, pictures and such from years gone by. The room provided more than just a place to rest. It really felt like we were able to ‘get away’ from some stress for a couple of days and rejuvenate.

One place that Kim and I enjoyed retreating to when we were spending our time in our Bibles or just spending some time reflecting was on the second floor balcony. This balcony had some rocking chairs and was the private balcony for those in the ‘Rose Room.’ It overlooked the front of the house and also had a great view of Lake Barkley. (You can see Lake Barkley in the picture to the right.)

Kim and I had some great talks while we were on this two day get-away and some of those conversations happened on this balcony.

Another location that we enjoyed escaping to a couple of times was a dock down on the water. This was a super place to just ‘veg.’ Kim and I took our Bibles and some study books with us. Sometimes, we were reading and studying. Other times, we were just enjoying the beautiful scenery. All of this just enabled us to de-stress and relax.

The view to the right of this dock is seen in the next picture. This bay area was a little inlet off of Lake Barkley. It was fun just to watch the water flow and listen to the waves splash against the dock.

I don’t know what it is about water but it is so therapeutic to just watch and listen. Added to this is the fish that jumped out of the water and the turtles that poked their heads out and watched us. All of this and more made for an extremely relaxing environment where our minds and bodies were able to unwind.

The fact that this bed and breakfast provides such an incredible experience as sitting on this dock is a priceless addition to all that they offer those who come to board with them.

There were many other things we enjoyed about this place. The breakfast was absolutely delicious with the candles on the table and romantic music in the background. The conversation with the hosts was really enjoyable, too. We even found out that we have some friends in common! We also found some roads to walk that provided some breathtaking views of Lake Barkley.

I could keep going but you get the idea. We really enjoyed this place!

We certainly enjoyed our time at the Maple Hill Bed and Breakfast and cannot be more thankful to our church family at the Westside Baptist Church for providing this get-away for us. Kim and I are hoping that this time of R&R will enable us to be more effective as we get back at the business of ministry and all of the other things God has allowed to come our way.