As I am reading through Genesis and seeing how long the folks lived before the flood, I can’t help but realize that there may be some very interesting things embedded in those verses that many Christians haven’t thought about.

For instance, we’ve seen pictures of Cro-Magnon folks and noticed how different they look from us. Evolutionists believe that they are part of the long chain of links between the muck in the water that eventually became a human being.

As a Christian who believes in a literal, 7 day Creation as described in Genesis 1, I can’t help but wonder (if so called “Cro-Magnon” man actually existed) if those were folks who were hundreds of years old. We’ve all seen age progression technology where we can snap a picture of ourselves and see what we would look like in a few decades. Yet, those pictures fail to take into consideration how our skeletal structure will change. We’ll eventually hunch over, certain parts of our body will grow, sag, etc. Hair will recede in certain areas and grow in others (I got nose clippers two Christmases ago from one of my boys. lol). Etc., etc., etc.,

I wonder what Methuselah looked like at 969 years of age (Genesis 5:27)? Could he have been a so called “Cro-Magnon” man (a.k.a. a really, really, really old guy!)?