Here’s a follow-up to the conclusion of this morning’s sermon:
I’m looking for a few good men at Westside Baptist Church!
As I continue to focus on leadership this year, I am also reminded that too many husbands and fathers aren’t being the spiritual leaders in their homes. Maybe it’s because they don’t have the tools. Maybe its because they didn’t have good examples of what husbands and fathers were to be like as they were growing up. Maybe their job keeps them too busy. Maybe, they’re just plain lazy!
I’m calling out men who will join me once each week (probably Saturday mornings). I’m NOT looking for a big group. I’m only looking for a few men who will join me each week as we dig deep into God’s Word and find out what it says about being the spiritual leaders in our homes. We’ll dig in to what it means to be a man of courage and integrity. We’ll discover what it means to be a husband who loves his wife and submits to her by giving his life up daily for her as a servant-leader in the home. We’ll discover what it means to mentor our children so that they can be a formidable force for good in God’s hands.
To join the group, you don’t need to have it all together. None of us do. But you must be man enough to commit to the following four requirements:
1) read a chapter a week in a book we’ll study together and prepare to discuss it together,
2) do the grunt-work of daily Bible time and prayer,
3) put into practice what you learn each week, and
4) allow yourself to be held accountable to other men (of your choosing). I will provide the questions at the end of this post.
If you’re interested, let me know. Send me a private Facebook message ( or send me an e-mail ( with your name and e-mail address. We’ll then discuss a mutually convenient time.

The first book we will work through is “The Resolution for Men.” You are responsible for securing your own copy before our first meeting (we’ll get started in a couple of weeks). Let me know if you’ve got any questions.


The accountability questions:

Answers to these questions need to be honest but brief.
1. What has God shown you recently from His Word?
2. What happened this past week that put you to the test? How did you respond?
3. How are you doing in your relationship with God? (Be specific – time in the Word, prayer, sense of obedience and dependence on the Lord, etc.)
4. How are you doing in your relationship with your wife? (Be specific – communication, spiritual sharing, conflict resolution, etc.)
5. How are your relationships with your children or other family members?
6. How are your relationships with others at work, school, or church?
7. How are you doing with your thought life? Did you keep your thoughts and actions pure before God this week?
8. What kind of ministry did you have this week? Whom did you share Christ with? How did you use your gifts and resources to help and serve those in need?
9. Is there anything else God is convicting you of right now? Have you been truthful in your previous answers?
10. How can we pray for you and support you this coming week?
adapted from: “The Resolutions for Men” (p. 237)