The paradox of the Christian life is this: If you want to see, admit that you are blind. If you want to remain blind, claim that you can see.
John 9:39 (New Living Translation)
“Then Jesus told him, ‘I entered this world to render judgment – to give sight to the blind and to show those who think they see that they are blind.’”
“What does that mean?!” you may be asking.
Well, in John 9, we read about a man who was in a very sad condition. He could not see. In fact, he was born that way. For his whole life, he had never seen a beautiful sunset, gazed upon a majestic waterfall or humbly stared at night into a starlit sky.
So, when Jesus came to him and engaged in the miracle that would restore his sight, he didn’t resist. He knew that he was blind. He would LOVE to be able to see. Since he knew that he was blind, he was more than willing to receive the remedy that Jesus offered.
And this beautifully illustrates the spiritual truth that Jesus was addressing in John 9:39.
When we acknowledge before God that we are guilty sinners who have violated His laws, we are free to receive His gift of forgiveness and new life. However, if we refuse to acknowledge our guilt before a holy God and claim that we are good enough to get to Heaven on our own, we will remain blind.

Do you want to see? Then admit that you are blind.