This morning, I went out for a run and was reminded that a woman’s eyes testify to the fact that we live in a broken world.
Now that may sound strange until you think about it. My run this morning took place before sunrise. The only light was from the few oncoming cars and the streetlights. I only saw 3 or 4 other folks out on their walks / runs. (You don’t realize how desolate a city can be until you go out on a very early morning run.)
One of the few folks I saw was a lady out on her run. Typically, runners acknowledge each other. We’re a group of folks with a common love for the sport of running so we often feel a kinship with each other … unless it’s a woman who runs into a man she doesn’t know early in the morning on a quiet, dark road.
As she approached me (we were headed in opposite directions), I looked briefly at her to wave and give a friendly “Good morning.” Yet, she did what most women do in that situation … she refused to look at me. Why? Because (more than likely) she was concerned that I was a man who she didn’t know. She assumed that as a man, I was stronger than her. She was also mindful that people who are strong often abuse that strength to hurt others. So, rather than take the chance, she must have felt it was safer for her to simply pass by me without acknowledging my presence.
Simply put, strength can be a very frightening thing when it is wielded by someone who cares more for themselves than serving others. It is especially frightening when strength is enjoyed by someone who finds pleasure in hurting others.
It is in this way that we are to understand Israel’s concern regarding the nuclear talks with Iran. Iran is a brutish nation. Over and over, their leaders have proclaimed their desire to destroy Israel. They have made it clear that they hate Israel and will not stop until it is annihilated.
So, Iran’s ‘heart’ is clear. Given the opportunity and power, no one should be shocked if Iran acts on their threats and tries to bring severe harm to Israel. All they lack is the appropriate strength / power to act.
Well, enter the U.S. leadership. Our government officials are in talks about providing Iran with the ability to pursue nuclear “strength” for energy purposes (does ANYONE actually believe that is Iran’s purpose?!). 
So, a brute nation with a heart bent on hurting Israel is in talks with America about developing their strength. Can anyone blame Israel for being concerned? Can anyone blame Israel for doing whatever it can to find out what is going on (including spying) especially since they were not invited to be a part of the ‘negotiations?’
Oh, one more thing about the female runner this morning … she had a leash on her right hand and left hand. At the end of each leash were some dogs that looked like they were prepared to tear into anyone who threatened the welfare of their master. If someone sought to harm her, all she would have to say is, “Sic ’em.”

With Iran’s sadistic heart set on genocide and with her potential to become stronger, I find myself wishing that Israel would “sic ’em.”