Go Commando Half Marathon
Race Route / Clarksville, TN
My sites are locked on Clarksville,

Tennessee on October 17, 2015! That’s the location and day that I want to beat the 2 hour mark for a half marathon!

I’ve run in 3 half marathons so far. For various reasons, I approached each of those three races not fully prepared to run it. Either injury, or busyness or my inability to lose weight kept me from crossing the finish line in less than 2 hours (ave. pace 9’08” or faster).

Well, my only race goal this year is to beat that time in Clarksville. I’m presently doing well on weight loss (down to 204.6lbs this morning). I’m currently running slowly (aerobically) to lose weight and build my base before I begin a 16 week training plan on June 30th. I’m also doing body-weight upper-body exercises to trim my core and get it fit.

This is my aim. It could all come crashing down if it’s pouring rain on race day or if I get an injury within weeks of the race (it has happened before). But, if circumstances cooperate and I’m able to adjust to whatever comes my way, I plan to be trimmer, fitter and faster on October 17th so I can experience the exhilaration of setting a PR (personal record) of a sub-2 hour half marathon in the city in which I was born.

I ran this race two years ago in October 2013 and blogged about it. You can read about my experience by clicking here.