Keeping a prayer journal is easy. There are plenty of software programs that you can use. Or, you can simply use a paper notebook. Here’s how to do it…


  • Write the specific request at the top of the page. Be so specific that if/when God answers your prayer, there is no question that He heard your specific request.
  • Put the date and time by each entry. Oftentimes, you can go back over your prayer journey and realize from the vantage point of a future date that God was answering your prayer even before you realized it.
  • Record your specific prayers, any relevant verses of Scripture and any hints that God is going to answer your request. While prayer principles are general, our prayer life with God is very personal. A prayer journal allows you to come to understand how you and God communicate.
  • Highlight answers to prayer. When your faith begins to waver, all you will need to do is open your prayer journal and see all of the prayers that God has answered. You will find your prayer journal often provides an incredible boost to your ability to trust God for more/greater requests.

Here is what a prayer journal page could look like.