I learned a few moments ago that Kim Davis was taken out of a courtroom by U.S. Marshalls. Apparently, she will remain jailed until she either begins complying with U.S. law by issuing marriage licenses to all couples (including same-sex couples) or resigns from her position as Rowan County Clerk.

And so it begins…

When the U.S. Supreme Court legalized gay marriage recently in all 50 states, Pandora’s Box was opened for Christians. Any smidgen of contemplation will lead folks to the conclusion that this isn’t a small issue with minor consequences. In actuality, it will have long term, far reaching consequences that will reach into virtually every area of American life.

For Kim Davis, who is a government employee, American law now requires her to issue marriage licenses to any legally approved couple who asks for one. For years, Ms. Davis has performed the duties of her office because her conscience, informed by her religious beliefs, did not conflict with the law of the land.

Yet, now that same-sex marriages are sanctioned in the U.S., her conscience is at odds with the laws of the land. For her, this poses a huge problem in which there are really only 3 viable options::

1) She could comply with the law of the land and issue the marriage licenses and violate her conscience, or
2) She could live according to her conscience, refuse to issue the marriage licenses and risk the inevitable (fines and/or jail), or
3) She could quit her job as county clerk and allow someone to step into her position who could issue the marriage licenses.

So, essentially, she has to violate her conscience, or go to jail or quit her job.

Do you see the dilemma that she has been put in? This is a no-win situation for someone who believes she cannot perform her duties without violating her Christian beliefs.

The problem is compounded by the fact that we live in a culture where the influence of Christianity is diminishing while pluralism is growing. The problem stated in the form of two questions would be: “If Kim Davis can indefinitely violate U.S. law because of her Christian views, must we also allow untold thousands of other Americans (Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, atheists, etc.) to refuse to do their duty because of their particular religious views, too? At what point does society break down because everyone is refusing to do their duty because of conscience?”

So, it begins. It is yet to be seen whether the momentum of the same-sex crowd will continue to steam roll down the tracks and force their agenda upon every segment of society – including places of worship. It is my hunch that this will be the case unless God’s people find the true source of their power … on their knees in prayer.

If our nation does not experience a national revival where many, many souls are saved and hearts are changed, then Christians should anticipate persecution. Kim Davis is showing us what it will look like. Violate your conscience, face stiff legal penalties or step aside and shut up.

Acts 5:29
“But Peter and the apostles answered, ‘We must obey God rather than men.'”