How do you take a bone away from a hungry dog? Very carefully! But, you could make the task so much easier (and safer) if you simply put a piece of meat near the bone. The dog will gladly drop the bone because it desires the meat more.

This is a simple principle that applies to hungry dogs as well as humans on a trek for happiness and inner peace.

All too often, with a desire to satisfy that deep longing in our hearts, we go for the dry bone of sin. Whatever form of sin we personally crave, it just doesn’t ultimately deliver. Yet, if someone confronts us and tells us we need to give it up, we may attack. “How dare you judge me! You have no right to do that. After all, you’re a sinner, too!” We like that dry bone and we aren’t giving it up!

Try to take the bone away and you could have a fight on your hands. How can this be accomplished so much easier (and safer)? Simply show that there is something better. Put a piece of meat beside the dry bone.

When we realize that God has saved us not simply to keep us out of Hell but to enjoy Him, and when we experience that powerful truth, our mouths will lose their taste for sin. When we realize that following Jesus not only satisfies that deep down longing in our souls but also guarantees us unbroken fellowship with Him in Heaven, sin will lose its grip on us because we realize that He satisfies us more.

Hebrews 11:25-26 (New Living Translation)
“He (Moses) chose to share the oppression of God’s people instead of enjoying the fleeting pleasures of sin. He thought it was better to suffer for the sake of Christ than to own the treasures of Egypt, for he was looking ahead to his great reward.”

Have you “tasted and seen that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34:8)? If/when you do, you will struggle with sin less because you desire Him more!