We intended to take it easy today after a big day yesterday. Yet, after walking Kim to the National Gallery of Art this morning, my sons and I put in quite a few miles. We visited the Capital Building, the Library of Congress, the Supreme Court, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and the Holocaust Museum. Some of the pictures appear below.

I took this picture after walking a mile to the National Gallery of Art and moments before we said “good-bye” to Kim as she embarked on her first day as a fellow at the National Gallery.
The moment seemed surreal to my sons as we approached the Capital Building. I pointed to the spot where our U.S. Presidents have taken the oath of office and they seemed to have an incredible feel for this location in American history.
I took this picture only because it looked pretty cool. I wish their had been a few clouds to add yet more color.
Here, we were standing outside the Library of Congress. My sons really wanted to visit this location because of it’s use in the movie, “National Treasure.”
Here we are near the U.S. Supreme Court.
Standing on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court.


I’m REALLY getting tired of expensive, greasy meals. But, this is the best we could find as we neared the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

I took this picture of my boys on the second floor of the Air and Space Museum. I liked the visual of Kim’s workplace in the background. You can see the National Gallery of Art between Zach and Sean.


We ended our discovery tour by visiting the Holocaust Museum. Yet, I didn’t take many pictures there. It was too solemn of a place to snap pictures.