Judges 6:1-40 
Luke 22:54–23:12 
Psalms 95:1–96:13 
Proverbs 14:5-6 


Judges 6:12 (CSB) “Then the angel of the Lord appeared to him and said: ‘The Lord is with you, valiant warrior.'”

If we simply looked at the verse for the day and were told to construct the context, we would probably come up with a very impressive hero. He would be muscular, afraid of nothing, have an incredible resume of victories, and be a person that others would naturally follow.

But, if we read the story, we realize that this isn’t the case. It’s not even close. We realize that the man being referenced is Gideon. He’s an Israelite who happened to live at the time that the Midianites were oppressing them.

The specific scene in which these words were spoken finds Gideon threshing wheat at the bottom of a winepress. Every few seconds, we might see grain get tossed up only to disappear into the winepress. Maybe every few minutes, we would see fingers slowly slip over the edge of the winepress followed by a forehead and then a set of eyes scanning the area for any Midinites. Moments later, the man’s forehead would disappear and the threshing would resume.

This is the scene of a coward. He’s scared. He’s hiding. And yet, the angel of the Lord calls him a “valiant warrior.” 

Listen to this principle – God doesn’t see us as we are so much as he sees what we can be. Gideon certainly wasn’t acting like a valiant warrior but God saw it in him. All Gideon had to do was submit himself to God’s leading, allow God to work in him the necessary character qualities and he would be the man God desired for him to be.

Remember this, friend! God sees you for what you can be in the future as he continues to work on you. Don’t resent the difficulties that God sends your way. He’s making you into the person that He can use for His glory.