2 Kings 4:18–5:27 
Acts 15:1-35 
Psalm 141:1-10 
Proverbs 17:23


Psalm 141:5 (CSV) “Let the righteous one strike me - it is an act of faithful love; let him rebuke me - it is oil for my head; let me not refuse it. Even now my prayer is against the evil acts of the wicked.”


Our Verse for Today can only be understood and appreciated by someone who genuinely wants to pursue holiness. All others will simply pass over it and not give it a second thought.

This verse is powerful. The Psalmist is saying that even though it would be painful to his pride, he recognizes that being rebuked is actually an act of love. He wants those painful words!


Because the Psalmist realized that if someone truly loved him and desired for him to live in such a way that his actions would be pleasing to the Lord, then he needed them to point out his sins. Sometimes, his sinful heart may not acknowledge the sin. Other times, he may not even be aware of the sin. So, he needed those who loved him to point them out.

And rather than resisting this potentially painful experience, he longed for it. He wanted to live in such a way that his actions pleased the Lord and he needed others to help him grow in holiness.

So, friend, how do you respond to correction? Do you resist it? Do you get angry? Do you sever relationships when someone is painfully honest with you?

Or do you desire for others to point out your weak spots so you can address that area of your life?

Friend, we need each other. If we truly love each other and desire holiness, we need to love each other enough to point out areas of concern in each other so we can grow in holiness.

– Ask God to grow your desire for holiness.
– Give others permission to point out sin in your life.
– When you are corrected, listen and then pray about what God is saying.
– If necessary, point out areas of sin in those around you but make sure that you are doing so because you love that person.