2 Kings 10:32–12:21 
Acts 18:1-22 
Psalm 145:1-21 
Proverbs 18:1


2 Kings 12:20 (CSB) “Joash’s servants conspired against him and attacked him at Beth-millo on the road that goes down to Silla.”


Once again, I’ve chosen a Verse for Today that is unusual. It certainly doesn’t bring a warm fuzzy to our chests.

But, it carries a principle that we need to take so seriously.

The story is of Joash, King of Judah. Among other things, he led in a renovation of the Lord’s Temple. He valued the place that God was worshiped and he wanted to clean it up and fix it up so that it was worthy of the God who was worshiped there.

But, there came a day when Joash woke up as on every other morning. He believed that he would get some things done that day and then lay his head on his pillow that evening. Little did he know that he would be assassinated on that day.

So, who was it that murdered King Joash? It was his very own servants. It was the men who he regularly trusted and felt most comfortable with.

2 Kings 12:20-21 “Joash’s servants conspired against him and attacked him at Beth-millo on the road that goes down to Silla. It was his servants Jozabad son of Shimeath and Jehozabad son of Shomer who attacked him. He died and they buried him with his fathers in the city of David, and his son Amaziah became king in his place.”

We are capable of committing similar offenses (even if it is lesser in degree) when we gossip about others. When someone considers us to be a friend or at least a trusted acquaintance and then we talk badly about them behind their backs, we are committing the act of betrayal that Joash’s murderers were guilty of.

I have observed someone cut someone else down and then, when that person walked into the room, they spoke fondly of them as if everything was OK. And it turned my stomach. It is outright betrayal.

Friend, be a person of integrity. 

All of us are capable of gossip. All of us are capable of saying things about others that we know should not be said. I have done that before.

But, we need to acknowledge such things as sin that should not be tolerated. We need to confess those sins and repent (determine not to do it again).

When someone considers you to be a trust friend or acquaintance, prove yourself to be such – not simply when they are around. Let them never be surprised that you are saying things about them behind their back that is directly opposed to what you are saying to them in their presence.

Be a friend or acquaintance who others have more than sufficient reason to trust.