Today was a great day! I just wanted to recount a few of the highlights.

Being with my family of friends at Westside Baptist Church this morning was awesome! That’s not an exaggeration. I’m not using hyperbole. It was absolutely wonderful! The music was energetic and engaging, the fellowship was sweet, delivering the sermon was enjoyable, and I believe that Jesus was our honored guest! We had an incredible time celebrating the empty tomb.

An added treat was that one of my cousins showed up for worship and then stayed for lunch afterward. Jonathan Keltie is my Mom’s brother’s son.

Hanging out with Jonathan

The Keltie clan used to be so close. When my Grandparents lived in Clarksville, Tennessee, I remember spending much time with them and with my extended family. As the years passed, we gathered for family reunions periodically. Now, my extended family hardly spends time together unless we are gathering for a funeral.

That’s where Jonathan comes in. Three years ago, many of the Kelties gathered in Cape Girardeau for his mother’s funeral. The next year, we gathered again for his sister’s funeral. Jonathan has been through a LOT in the past few years and it was so great to spend time with him today.

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Ellis Easter Picture – 2018

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing a little bit of nothing. It was great just to hang out with family and friends! I’m now looking forward to spending some days vacationing to get refreshed.