Being a pastor is a calling like no other. It provides an opportunity to experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

We get to celebrate at weddings, pray over newborn babies, baptize those who have entered the Kingdom, and so much more!

But, it is also emotionally and spiritually taxing. Awhile back, I was chatting with a friend who is also a pastor. He told me that he was once involved in a ministry that worked alongside churches. He noticed that pastors who visited with him many years ago always seemed to look discouraged and sometimes empty. He thought they were wimps … until he became one.

(I have compiled two lists that I’m thinking about putting into two blog posts: 1) the 20 positive things a pastor should tell his congregation and 2) the 20 negative things a pastor wishes he could tell his congregation … but shouldn’t. The purpose would be to invite a non-pastor into the heart of a pastor to see what it’s like from our side of the pulpit.)

So, realizing the weight of being in the ministry, I recently formed a Senior Pastor Team. Essentially, I am inviting this team to walk alongside me. I don’t want to dump my troubles on them. They have enough of their own. But, I DO want them to be real and honest with me if they see that something isn’t quite right with me. My health (spiritual, emotional, physical, etc.) or lack thereof will directly impact the health of the church I pastor.

If you are a pastor, you can access the preliminary job description by clicking here: Senior Pastor Team. It’s still a work in progress but the initial job description of the Team seems to be something that could work quite well.

If you have some questions or insights about this, I would love to hear them. Simply scroll down and add them in the comments section. I will respond as quickly as possible.