This month, Kim and I celebrated 22 years of marriage. It’s been a wonderful adventure and our love for each other has grown exponentially since that very special day 21 years ago.

So, I thought it would be appropriate on this occasion to include the video of our special day 21 years ago. (Another motivating factor is that I am concerned that these videos could be lost one day with something as simple as a computer crash so I uploaded them to Youtube and am posting them here.)

On May 9, 1997, Kim and I joined a group of others at Ashland Avenue Baptist Church in Lexington, Kentucky for our wedding rehearsal and then a dinner. The next morning, we said our “I do’s” and started our life together.

Fortunately, at least for our own enjoyment, the occasion was captured on video the following 7 videos. My Uncle Wilbert made them specifically for my brother, Troy, to view since he was in the Marines serving oversees at the time. I’m just glad the occasion was recorded!

… and 21 years later, the story of our marriage keeps on going …