When I was thinking about coming to Israel, it honestly caused a little bit of anxiety. I would typically laugh it off, but deep down I wondered how easily something bad could happen. Kim and I even wrote our will before leaving on this trip.

The major cause for concern was that I had heard about missiles being launched from Syria into the Golan Heights a couple of weeks ago and I just wondered how safe it was over here.

Well, our tour guide said that she was taking us to a special place this morning but would not tell us what it was. When we arrived and hopped out of the bus, we tried to figure out what the significance of the site was but nobody could come up with anything.

Then, our tour guide (Mika) pointed to the tree line less than a mile away – and said that that was Syrian territory.

We couldn’t believe it! All of the anxiety that many on the trip had was staring them (us!) in the face!

You can see where we were on the following map. We’re the blue dot in the Golan Heights.

It seemed so harmless. An Israeli farmer was on his tractor working his apple orchard only a handful of meters from the Syrian border.

Then, Miki directed our attention to the top of the large hill behind us. She told us to wave at the Israeli military outpost because, almost certainly, we were being watch.

That was the reason for the peace that Israeli farmer felt. It explained why we were able to feel safe.

Someone good and incredibly powerful was watching over our shoulder.

The picture has implications for the Christian, too. God is the infinitely good and powerful One who is watching over our shoulder. So, why are we often so anxious?