Our team has worked tirelessly for the past week in Jalapa. So, today, we took some time off and headed to Parque Pino Dulce.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and videos from our time today.

Here’s what the entrance looked like.

And here’s the map of what this privately owned park had to offer.

After hiking about a half mile downhill to the river, some of the group crossed over the river by walking on a log. I wasn’t brave enough to do that!

Soon, our group split up. The younger ones took off while a few of us stayed behind.

I cannot possibly explain just how rigorous this trail was! My Fitbit said that I climbed 66 stories on this trail! Carey and I stayed behind to make sure that no one slipped on the trail.

The scenery was breathtaking!

I took a video of the 5 of us making our way up the trail. But, this video doesn’t do it justice. The trail was dangerous at points. It was narrow with steep drop-offs. It was slippery from the rain. And the rocks posed constant hazards that could easily twist ankles.

Then, it was time to zip-line. Sean, and some of the youth in our group, had some fun on the amateur zip-line while we waiting for our turn on the wire.

When I got off the zip-line, the suspension bridge that had looked so scary before didn’t look so daunting now. So, I decided to capture my walk across the bridge on camera so that others could enjoy it, too.

Then, I captured Peggy, Rachel, and Emma taking their turn on the zip-line.

It’s been a really fun day but we’re all exhausted … and I get to preach in the morning. So, I’m going to get some last minute studying done and then hit the sack.