Every Christian must satisfy their spiritual hunger or they will starve to death. What do we feed our souls with? The Bible!

Simply put, we MUST spend MUCH time in our Bibles each day. We must read it and study it for the purpose of getting it off the page and into our minds and hearts.

However, I know all too well that Bible reading can get tedious. There have been times when my love for God’s Word grew cold … and so my Bible collected dust.

s-l225But, then in the 1990’s, I came across Kay Arthur’s “International Inductive Study Bible.” It taught me a whole new, exciting way of studying my Bible.

All I needed was a Bible and some colored pencils. I determined what color and/or design I would highlight a particular word in the Bible. Then every time I saw that word, I would use that same color and/or design. The message and themes of the Bible began to show up even more clearly as I looked at the page.

Currently, I am reading through my Bible on my laptop each morning (using my Logos Bible software) and am using this method. This morning, I was in Mark 12 and read the parable of the vineyard owner. As I read the parable, I easily recognized the spiritual truth that Jesus was conveying. So, I highlighted the text accordingly.

Below, I have given two screenshots of Mark 12 as I highlighted it. Notice that I use the following highlights in this text:

  • Jesus: yellow highlight with a purple cross afterward.
  • God the Father: yellow highlight with a purple triangle in the middle.
  • Old Testament prophets: brownish highlight with an “s” in a circle afterward.
  • Heaven: blue highlight in a frame.
  • Nation of Israel: Blue highlight and double, purple underline.
  • All other nations: squiggly yellow line.

As I read through this text and highlighted it this morning, the meaning became even more crystal clear. Further, it will be waiting on me the next time I read Mark 12.

Mark 12.1

Mark 10.10

Why not do this yourself? Go to the store, get some color pencils, create a legend where you determine what color and/or design you will use for specific words in your Bible … and then begin reading with pencils in hand.

One final thought: Make sure the Bible has good sturdy pages. Thin pages will wear out quickly with this method.