(Dad Post: Where a dad takes the opportunity to brag on one of his kids.)

In some ways, last night was a disaster. A football team from Union County drove a couple hours to give us a good ol’ fashioned spankin’ on our own turf. The loss was embarrassing and something we all want to become a distant memory. Fortunately, it was only a scrimmage.

But, as Kim and I watched from the sidelines, we could not have been more proud! Sean was a beast on the field last night. He had developed his fitness and has become fixated on doing what is necessary to win games. His passion and heart were clearly evident as he played last night.

Sean in the 3-point stance in the center of this picture ready to let the guy across the line wish he didn’t have to guard him.

After a few back-to-back tackles (I think he ended up with 8 tackles and a few QB sacks in the game), I realized that all I needed to do was capture a few plays on video and I would be sure to catch Sean with some more tackles.

In this first one, you’ll see him in the left of the video. He lowers his head, grabs the QB, and puts him on the ground where he belonged (Sean is #4).

In this next one, Sean gets through the line of scrimmage again, grabs the QB from behind and pulls him down to the turf (in the center of the video frame).

It was so fun watching him last night!

As he got home, frustrated that some of the guys weren’t pulling their weight, I told him how proud we were of him. And it had little to do with how many tackles he had. We were proud because he was giving everything he had at what he was doing. That trait can be used by God to take him far in life.

Watching him will be so fun!