2 Minute Read

Recently, Gillette entered the #MeToo fray with a 2 minute add on Youtube that has had well over 2 million views so far. In it, the issue of “toxic masculinity” is addressed.

Honestly, when I first saw the commercial, I really liked it. As I listened to Al Mohler’s podcast this morning and heard him reflect on it, I realized that my reasons for liking it were sound.

Of course, the commercial shows men and boys behaving badly. In fact, as Christians, we would condemn everything that is presented as wrong in the commercial. But, if you look closely, you will see who runs to the rescue, who steps up proactively and courageously to fix the problem. It’s real men.

While many in our culture are wanting to condemn ALL signs of masculinity as “toxic,” the commercial reveals what real men know to be true – the world needs men to step up and be men.

One more thing … in an age of ever growing confusion in what it actually means to be a man, the following article that appears on Campus Crusade’s website is fantastic. Click here to read it.