Why I Love to Blog (+ January Stats)

When I was much younger, I hated writing. When a grade school teacher told us to pull out our journals and do some creative writing or write an essay, I despised it.

Since then, I have discovered the joy of writing. It’s fun to get my thoughts down on a page and, hopefully, to get better are putting words together.

As a pastor, I have an even greater reason for writing. It’s found in Acts 6 at a time when the first church’s pastors had a problem that would distract them from their primary tasks. Fortunately, they elaborated on what those primary tasks were when they said…

Acts 6:4 (CSB) “But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word.”

A pastor is called to do many other things but his primary tasks are to pray for his people and to get the Word off of the page and into the lives of his people. He “ministers the Word” when he preaches, when he teaches, when he counsels, when he engages in one-on-one conversations, and when he writes.

Writing is one of the vital ways in which pastors “minister God’s Word” to people.

In fact, if the writers of the Old Testament and New Testament didn’t put God’s Word on the page, we would have no Bible. Our Bible is God’s gift to us as He spoke through about 40 men who, then, put wrote those words into print so future generations could read them. Writing was essential for our Bible to come into existence.

So, I write not only because I enjoy it but, also, because it is essential to fulfilling my role as a pastor.

All that being said, someone may say: “OK, Matt. Writing is important for you. I get that. But does anyone actually read our blog? Is it really influencing others for the cause of Christ?”

I just got the numbers for my blog for the month of January. Here they are:

867 (this does not include the many folks who get my blog posts delivered to their e-mail and therefore may not visit my site regularly)




Countries from which viewers accessed my blog:

United States
United Kingdom
South Africa
European Union
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
South Korea
Hong Kong (China)

Stats Jan
Obviously, the United States accessed my site the most with 797 views in January. But, it’s cool to see other countries highlighted.

How cool is it that I am able to write about God’s Word from the comforts of my living room in western Kentucky and my words can influence people around the world!


Acts 6:4 (CSB) “But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word.”

Now, let’s make February a fun, rewarding month!

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I have an incredible wife that God gave to me on May 10, 1997. Since then, the Lord has blessed us with three wonderful boys. I am also the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Polk City, Florida.

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