3 Minute Read


1 Chronicles 9:1–10:14
Acts 27:21-44
Psalm 8:1-9
Proverbs 18:23-24


Proverbs 18:24 (CSB) “One with many friends may be harmed, but there is a friend who stays closer than a brother.


Our Verse for Today was written in the Old Testament. King Solomon only knew tidbits about the coming Messiah.

He knew that the Messiah would sit on his father David’s throne.

He knew that the kingdom would have no end.

But, he did not know his name would be Jesus.

He also did not realize that the Mighty Warrior would also be a dear friend “who stays closer than a brother.”

So, Proverbs 8:24 was not initially intended to speak about Jesus. Solomon did not have Jesus in mind when he included this verse in the book written to his son for his instruction.

Yet, as New Testament saints, we realize that ALL of the Bible (properly understood) is about Jesus. If we look carefully enough we will see Jesus not only on the pages of the New Testament but all over the pages of the Old Testament (see John 5:39).

As we look at Proverbs 18:24, it could not be more clear that God had Jesus in mind when this verse was written.

Proverbs 18:24 (CSB) “One with many friends may be harmed, but there is a friend who stays closer than a brother.”

Further, this reminds us of the New Testament truth – that God doesn’t want us to go about doing religious things so much as He wants us to enter into relationship with Him so we can enjoy Him as He enjoys us.

It’s all about relationship. And, if we are Jesus-followers, Jesus is our friend that “stays closer than a brother.”

So, enjoy your relationship with Jesus today. Speak with Him in prayer and listen to Him in His Word. And realize that obeying Him is essential to experiencing the joys of the relationship.

John 15:14 (CSB) “You are my friends if you do what I command you.”

Enjoy this relationship today. God is calling out to you to participate in the loftiest of relationships that meet our deepest needs. And He’s waiting for you. Will you enjoy Him today?