A Family Day at Disney

Yesterday, we had a wonderful day at Epcot and the Magic Kingdom!

While it is still fresh on my mind, I wanted to document (remember) some of the moments we had with family and friends.

We started off with a couple of group pictures as we waited for the park to open.
This is a picture of Kim, Zach, Dani (Zach’s girlfriend), Codey (a college student we have essentially adopted), Joseph, and me. We were REALLY missing Sean (my second son who is finishing up basic training at Lackland Air Force Base).

The first ride we tackled was TestTrack. We were almost ready to hop in the cars when the weather required the ride to shut down. So, we waited for about 45 minutes, left, and then came back to ride it. While we were in line, Sean called from Lackland!

Here’s a picture of Kim’s big smile as she was talking to our son while in line to ride TestTrack.

Sean called from Lackland Air Force Base to tell us how he’s doing.

It was special that God orchestrated it so that Sean called as we were getting ready to ride TestTrack. He LOVED this ride when he was a little boy!

The first video is of our group riding the final part of TestTrack yesterday. The next video is of Sean riding TestTrack quite a few years ago.

As we were walking through the World Showcase, we were approaching a location as I told everyone: “Hey guys, the last time I was here, two guys did some incredible feats with chairs.” I had no sooner finished when those same two guys showed up in that very spot and did their show.

God was so gracious to give us a wonderful time yesterday! And I’m grateful to Codey for videoing this.

As they finished and then we continued our journey, we came to the Japanese pavilion. Once again, I said something like: “Hey, last time we were here, they did a performance with a gong and drums.”

Moments later, we saw three ladies bringing out some drums. We sat down and enjoyed the show.

Not sure if Zach enjoyed it. HA

After leaving the Japanese Pavilion, we walked some more, rode a couple more rides, and then took the tram to the Magic Kingdom. We enjoyed some rides together before splitting up. Kim and I enjoyed a little bit of time together while allowing the four younger ones to venture off to enjoy another ride or two.

It was hotter than blue blazes! We were exhausted by this point in the day. But, I never tire of enjoying time with my Sweetheart.

One of the rides that Kim and I enjoyed with our boys when they were younger is called the “Carousel of Progress.” To get out of the heat, and to enjoy some time walking down memory lane, we enjoyed the “Carousel of Progress” during our time together yesterday evening.

Inside the “Carousel of Progress.”

There were so many other things we did and there were many, many memories made on this day. It was fun!

We can’t wait for Sean to spend time with us this winter. We hope to revisit Disney and make some more memories with him just as we made some memories with Zach and Joseph yesterday.

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I have an incredible wife that God gave to me on May 10, 1997. Since then, the Lord has blessed us with three wonderful boys. I am also the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Polk City, Florida.

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