4 Minute Read + Scripture readings


Job 31:1-33:33
2 Corinthians 3:1-18
Psalm 43:1-5
Proverbs 22:8-9


Job 31:9–12 (CSB): “If my heart has gone astray over a woman or I have lurked at my neighbor’s door, let my own wife grind grain for another man, and let other men sleep with her. For that would be a disgrace; it would be an iniquity deserving punishment. For it is a fire that consumes down to Abaddon; it would destroy my entire harvest.”


In our Verses for Today, Job finishes up his communication with his three “friends” by saying that he was innocent of lust. It had been assumed that since his life had fallen apart, there must be some hidden sin in his life so he felt compelled to proclaim his innocence.

What we should notice is what Job said about lust. (He’s not really talking about adultery which is the actual act of sexual sin. He’s talking about lust which is the sexual sin that takes place inside our minds and hearts when we allow ourselves to be aroused by someone other than our spouse.)

Job calls lust “a disgrace” and “a iniquity deserving punishment.” He is certainly not indifferent to it. He acknowledges that it is a serious sin and should have consequences.


Because even though lust is hidden in the privacy of our minds and hearts, it is deadly toxic. It is a consuming fire that is never, ever satisfied and will work toward the destruction of the one engaged in it.

If lust is a sin problem for you, ask God to rid you of it. Then, take the necessary steps to eradicate it from your life. Here are just a few ideas:

  • In your home, all televisions hooked up to cable, the internet, or any other outside source must remain in public places. Take away the opportunity to view objectionable material in privacy (for instance, no TV’s in bedrooms).
  • Computers and mobile devices should also be accessed in a public area where others can easily see what sites are being viewed.
  • Parents, periodically check the history of your children’s phones.
  • Adults, realize that you are not above temptation. Our family uses Covenant Eyes and it logs everything I do on my laptop and mobile device.
  • Make it a policy not to wear sunglasses at the beach. Why? Because others can’t see where your eyes are directed and you may be tempted to look at someone in skimpy clothing and lust.

On and on this list could go. But you get the idea. Lust is a temptation to most warm-blooded people so we must take away the opportunity for such a deadly sin.

The sad part about this sin is that we are told that pornography is a huge problem in our society, especially among men. I believe that Satan is using the sex industry and the human propensity toward the sin of lust to cause so many to live in spiritual defeat.

If this is a problem for you, take steps to kill it in your life! If you don’t, it will kill you.

Don’t look to lust!