5 Minute Read + Scripture readings

Today’s Bible Reading:

Leviticus 26
Psalm 33
Ecclesiastes 9
Titus 1

Today’s Bible Verse(s):

“Wisdom is better than weapons of war, but one sinner can destroy much good.”
Ecclesiastes 9:18 (CSB)

Reflections on Today’s Bible Verse(s):

One of the things that mankind has always been good at is coming up with weapons of war. Some people would vilify those who come up with such weapons but the truth is that we need them. Just as we lock our doors at night and keep a weapon handy to protect ourselves if someone breaks in and threatens to harm us, countries should arm themselves for the very same reason.

But given the incredible power of weapons of war, Solomon told us that there was something that was better, more powerful. He said that “wisdom is better than weapons of war.” Just because an army has more powerful weapons than their enemy doesn’t guarantee that they will win the war. Wise generals have often fought from a weakened position and won. Brains are oftentimes better than brawn. “Wisdom IS better than weapons of war.”

But let’s now focus on the third and final powerful force mentioned in our verse for today. First, “weapons of war.” Second, “wisdom.” Third, a “sinner.”

Ecclesiastes 9:18 (CSB): “Wisdom is better than weapons of war, but one sinner can destroy much good.”

I’ve observed “one sinner” who caused havoc in a church. I’ve observed “one sinner” wreck a marriage. I’ve observed “one sinner” incite a riot. On and on we could go about how one person who refuses to submit to God’s laws has caused incredible harm in their own lives and in the lives of others. In fact, we are reminded that “one sinner” (Adam) brought sin and destruction upon all of mankind (Romans 5:12-21).

When I read Ecclesiastes 9:18 and see how it plays out in the world around me, it causes me to realize that I simply must maintain a powerful prayerlife, speaking regularly to the One who is infinitely greater and more powerful than any weapon of war or sinner. I need Him to give me wisdom (James 1:5-8) and to protect me from the power of sinners, including myself.

* * * * * * * * * *

Lord Jesus, I desperately need wisdom. You have promised me in James 1:5-8 that if I ask You for it, believing that You will give it to me, than I will receive it. I also pray that You would protect me from the power of sinners. I know all too well that I struggle with sin so I determine to focus even more on killing sin in my mind and heart so that Your Holy Spirit can make me more like Jesus. Amen.

Photo by Suzy Brooks on Unsplash