A couple of days ago, my family was blessed by a friend who works at Disney. She gave us some tickets that enabled us to enjoy the park for the day. We are so grateful for her act of kindness!

I took a few pictures and a video on Monday to capture some moments. I hope you enjoy them.

Entering the park, about 25 miles from our home.
Getting ready to begin the fun
I thought this made for a great picture.
Love the quote … and the lady standing underneath it!
Standing in front of TestTrack as we prepared to enjoy the ride!

We love riding TestTrack! We’ve been on this ride multiple times and made some great memories. The first video below is our first time to ride it as a family (2012). The second video is our trip around the track a couple of days ago. Click the “play” button to view the video.

Enjoying Test Track in March 2012.

Click on “play” to view the following video.

Love this ride!
Loved watching the name of Jesus get written across the sky

Here is a video of the person in the plane adding the “S” to “Jesus.” Just hit “play.”

This was so fun to watch! So many people in the park we’re watching the sky. This was a great evangelistic effort!
Zach and Dani, enjoying their first year of marriage.
“Give me some food!”
Getting read to enjoy a meal at Chefs de France. It was quite a bit expensive but we figured it was a one-time splurge to create a great family experience.
We love riding “Living with the Land” after riding Soarin’. It’s fascinating to hear about how technologies have been developed to help with vegetable production.
The sun went down and we still had about 4 hours to enjoy the park!
We were sitting on a park bench as we prepared to leave. The scene in front of me had to be captured! Love this picture!
The Christmas tree was already up in the park. Christmas music was playing. Love it!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures and videos.