Today’s Bible Reading:

2 Chronicles 8
3 John 1
Habakkuk 3
Luke 22

Today’s Bible Verse(s):

3 John 4 (CSB): “I have no greater joy than this: to hear that my children are walking in truth.”

Reflections on Today’s Bible Verse(s):

One of the greatest joys of the Christian life is to lead someone to the Lord. It makes me so happy to tell them how they can be forgiven of their sin and come into a relationship with Jesus.

But it doesn’t end there. Jesus told us in Matthew 28 that we are to make disciples. That’s more than just getting people saved. It’s telling them how they can follow Jesus and submit to His authority over their life.

Honestly, as someone who has led others to the Lord and then helped them grow, I have experienced the joy that John talked about in the verse I’ve chosen for today. There’s no greater joy than knowing that you have helped someone on their pursuit of holiness and they are taking it seriously.

You’re convinced that following Jesus is the best life there is so you tell them. You’re also convinced that they will hear Jesus’ approval on the day of judgment. All because you helped them.

So celebrate what God used you to do in the pass but look forward to what He may use you for today. Who can you help to grow a little closer to Jesus today? As they walk in the truth and you know you played a small part … there’s just no greater joy than that!

* * * * * * * * * *

Lord Jesus, You have called me to make disciples. I am restfully available to You today. I want to help someone grow closer to You. I pray this in Your Name. Amen.