It’s not IF bad things will happen to you. It’s WHEN bad things happen. So, to maintain our sanity and our mental well-being, we had better develop the ability to acknowledge the bad things while focusing on the good things that God is doing in the mess.

A few months ago, I started writing down some of the really bad events that have happened in our lives in quasi-story form. Then, I started to paint the “silver lining” by acknowledging how God was working those things for our good. Before I knew it, I had a book filled with stories of what God’s grace looked like in the storms.

If you read the Dedication page, you’ll see that I dedicated this book to Kim. Most of what I wrote about in this book were stories of how life wasn’t playing fair with her. Yet, she continues to love and serve her Lord.

It’s $2.99 on Amazon Kindle (still working on the paperback) but it will be free for 24 hours on Kindle download tomorrow. If you have KindleUnlimited, it’s also free.

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P.S. If you know of the story of Alcatraz, I compiled what I have heard from Kim’s family history along with some online research and filled in the details of how Frank Morris and John Paul Scott ended up in that island prison. That story starts Chapter 2 – “Kim’s Grandma Little Died”.