Notes for the July 30th episode of the “Enjoying the Bible” podcast.


Welcome to the July 30th episode of the “Enjoying the Bible” podcast. I’m Matt Ellis, and I’m the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Polk City, Florida.

Today’s reading is Psalm 51-53 and Romans 2, but we will focus only on the New Testament in this podcast.

If you have questions about anything in the Old Testament or New Testament reading assignment, please email me at I may answer it on the next podcast.

Romans 2

Vss. 1-11 – Sin’s Judgment

  • V.1 – It’s easy to point out sin in others; very difficult to see it in ourselves. And we sometimes despise in others what we are guilty of.
  • Vs. 2 – God’s judgment is accurate
  • Vs. 3 – Condemning others and excusing ourselves has no bearing with God. He doesn’t care about our personal verdict.
  • Vs. 4 – God is patient and kind because He doesn’t want to render a guilty verdict. He wants us to repent.
  • Vs. 5 – Refusing to repent simply causes judgment to be greater at the Final Judgment.
  • Vs. 6 – The Final Judgement is based on what we do.
  • Vs. 7 – Trust in Jesus is assumed; saving faith produces its own set of behaviors characterized by obedience and the glory of God.
  • Vs. 8 – Not trusting in Jesus is assumed; unbelief produces its own behaviors.
  • V.9-11 – God will render a fair and just judgment on the Final Day.

Vss. 12-16 – The Gentiles and the Law

  • V.12 – Gentiles didn’t have the Law; so they won’t be judged by a standard they didn’t have.
  • Vs. 13 – People aren’t judged by what they hear and know but by what they do with what they hear and know.
  • Vs. 14-15 – Even those who don’t have God’s Law have the Law written on their hearts/consciences
  • Vs. 16 – The Gospel assumes the sinfulness of humanity; then, it offers the remedy.

Vss. 17-24 – The Jews and the Law

  • V. 17-20 – Jews who know the Law and teach the Law are in danger if they don’t obey the Law.
  • Vs. 21-23 – Guilt is not assessed on how well you know your Bible; it’s whether or not you believe it and obey it.
  • V. 24 – God’s honor is tarnished by “God-followers” who don’t obey Him.

Vss. 25-29 – Circumcision and the Law

  • V.25-29 – Circumcision was a sign on the male’s body that he had entered into a covenantal relationship with God.
  • Yet, if he didn’t obey the Lord, his circumcision was nullified.
  • Those whose hearts are “circumcised” truly belong to the Lord.


Lord Jesus, thank You so much for enabling me to have encountered Your Law. Through Your Law, I came to fully understand my guilt before You, which led me to look for the remedy. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for leading in this process as You enabled me to hear and understand the Gospel and then place my trust in Jesus to forgive and save me. Because You have saved me, so many wonderful things are true of me right now, and I have Heaven waiting on me. I pray this in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


I hope today’s episode has helped you to understand and enjoy God’s Word so that you can apply it in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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