NAMB Headquarters / Alpharetta, GA

One of the many, many things that I love about being a Southern Baptist is that we have learned that we can do so much more together than we can individually. I have experienced the power of this truth in the past couple of days.

My friend and former pastor, Dr. Hershael York, is passionate about Kingdom work. He finds great pleasure in influencing and teaching pastors who are preparing for the field (he teaches preaching at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) as well as those already on the field.

Instructional time led by Dr. York.

So, he asked 24 pastors to make this trip to NAMB headquarters (North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention) in Alpharetta, GA. This would provide a brief but productive pastoral get-away where we could be encouraged and instructed. It would also provide an opportunity for pastors to network and build relationships with other pastors. Further, it provided an opportunity for NAMB to continue bridging the gap between SBC entities and the local church by way of the pastor.

The folks at NAMB were so gracious to each of us! They were generous in providing for our accommodations, our afternoon and evening meals, a tour through the CNN headquarters on Tuesday afternoon, giving every pastor a stack of new books (it often feels like Christmas when a pastor is given books!), an enjoyable tour of the NAMB facilities while getting to meet some of the folks that serve there, and so much more. Kevin Ezell, the President of NAMB, who stays extremely busy, made it a point to drop by to visit with us.

Of course, the instructional time with Dr. York was fantastic. It is always helpful to hear from a pastor who is farther down the road of ministry as he speaks about lessons the Lord has taught Him along the way. But, Dr. York doesn’t simply regurgitate principles. He has a wealth of stories that illustrate how he has put the principles into practice. I had a few “aha” moments today and am looking forward to prayerfully putting some of the things I’ve learned into practice.


I took quite a few pictures today. I will put some of them below with a few words underneath.

Our group listening to some information about the various regions in which
NAMB is encouraging churches to partner with new church plants.
Westside Baptist has a partnership with a church plant in Denver through the Send Network.
Kim Robinson, Vice President of Marketing and Ministry Support at NAMB, is
speaking to us in Kevin Ezell’s office on our tour. 
This display keeps up the latest total of churches that are partnering with church plants
through NAMB’s emphasis, Send North America. It is exciting to see a church planting
movement taking place as folks, who may have never heard the Gospel, are being reached
through churches that are planted in their neighborhoods.
NAMB has a “War Room” on the 5th floor. This room has names, churches, church plants,
and other information that surround the individuals who enter this room with the purpose
 of interceding.
If you watch the news and see the Red Cross delivering meals int he time of a national disaster,
you can take it to the bank that NAMB is behind the scenes cooking the meals, etc. Our Disaster
Relief Operations Center is second to none as it mobilizations thousands of Southern Baptists
to help in a time of need.