As I read the final chapters of the Biblical book of Job, I can’t help but feel sorry for Job. From chapters 38-41, God hammers away with question after question. His intention is to remind Job that he is small man on a small planet that would appear to be an insignificant speck in the incredibly massive universe.

But, my sympathy is misplaced. When I come to understand what God is doing to Job (and what God desires to do with us), I realize that God is actually doing an incredibly loving thing.

Let me illustrate the point: Have you ever stood before a majestic mountain or a massive, cascading waterfall or something of the sort and just stood in awe? You felt so small in front of something so massive – so amazing – but your humility actually added to the joy. Because you were OK with feeling small, you were free to enjoy the greatness of what was before you.

Here’s one more question: Have you ever had the previous experience with someone who was completely unimpressed? They diminished what you held in such high regard. They arrogantly treated what was so valuable as if it was common.

Here’s another question: Who enjoyed the experience more? You who were humbled by it or the one who arrogantly was unmoved by the experience? The answer is obvious. We are most free to experience joy when we are humbled in the presence of something much greater than ourselves.

This is what God was doing with Job. Apparently, through all of his horrible experiences, Job had grown self-righteous and arrogant even to the point of questioning God’s intentions and character. In that condition, He was not free to enjoy his God. So, to increase Job’s joy, God pounded away at him with question after question with the intention of humbling him.

Application: Don’t resist God’s workings in your life to remind you of how frail and impotent you are in the grand scheme of things. It is only when we are humbled that we are free to really enjoy our incredible God.