I may change my mind but, as of now, I plan to record some of my achievements in the area of fitness each Saturday. I don’t suspect that these posts will be open or read. But, since I know that they will be on my public blog, it will serve as an incentive to keep up my journey of preparing for the Murray Half Marathon on October 20, 2018.


On Monday and Wednesday of this week, I went to Mega Gym and did some upper body workouts on the mechanical weights.

Chest Press (3 sets of 160×8)
Deltoid Raise (3 sets of 100×8)
Shoulder Press (3 sets of 120×8)
Low Back (3 sets of 190×8)
Vertical Row (3 sets of 170×8)
Deltoid Fly (3 sets of 140×8)
Biceps Curl (3 sets of 60×8)
Dip Machine (3 sets of 150×8)
Abdominal Machine (3 sets of 110×15)


I also put in some walks and runs this past week:

Tuesday (walked 5.57 miles & ran .5 miles)
Wednesday (walked 1.23 miles)
Thursday (walked 3.03 miles & ran .51 miles)
Saturday (ran .51 miles)


My weight isn’t coming down. It’s being stubborn. I think I’m replacing fat with muscle but hopefully I will started to see some progress soon.