On this day 21 years ago, I made a solemn vow in front of God and many witnesses that I would love and take care for Kim for the rest of our lives together. Little did I know that the immense love that I had for her on that day would grow into the wonderful, satisfying love relationship we have today.

I created the following video 3 years ago but like to pull it out and dust it off each year (eventually, I’ll create another anniversary video).

The background music I chose for this video is the song, “I Will Be Here,” by Steven Curtis Chapman. I sang this song to Kim during our wedding ceremony. I have that video of me with the microphone but Steven does so much better of a job so I’ll let him sing for the video.

Also, for this video, I spent a lot of time foraging through pictures to get shots of Kim and me growing up. What you’ll see in this video is a back-and-forth of pictures as Kim and I grew up and grew together. I can only hope you will enjoy this half as much as I do.