Day #10 Reflections in Guatemala

We started the day off with “kid time.” All we had to do was step outside, take a seat on the sidewalk, and the kids gathered around us.

A really sad part was when we realized that there was a collection of tortillas by one of the exits to the orphanage. We found out that it was out-of-date tortillas that were donated to the orphanage. The bad parts would be cut out and the rest eaten.

The meat and vegetables delivered to the orphanage are handled the same way. They are old but the good parts are salvaged – and everyone here doesn’t know any better.

One of the many humorous moments this morning was when Carey Alexander brought a pack with about five bottles of bubbles outside. He gave it to Rachel Wicker. The following picture is worth a thousand words.

At 10 AM, Carey, Sean, and I went with our interpreter, Mario, to visit with the high school boys. I got to share the Gospel with them. I don’t know that anyone received Jesus into their hearts this morning but six raised their hands to renew their submission to Jesus’ authority over their life.

Then, I came back to where the kids where, sat down, and took some pictures and a video.

This evening, I stepped outside and many of the children had been drawing. Many of them chose to draw something for members of our team. Emma (Emanuel) made me a poster.

It says, “Te Quiero Mateo” (“I love Matt”). That melted my heart.

It was time for supper so Mario, Carey, Sean, and I went out to get food and bring it back. Emma just happened to be in the area so we were able to share supper with him. I love this kid! If Guatemala allowed for out-of-country adoptions, I’d probably be giving Kim a call.

After supper, many of us went to the gym to watch many of the children play basketball and soccer with some of the youth on our team.

We ended the day with handing out essentials to the various “houses” in the orphanage. Items such as broom handles, boxes of bar soap, shampoo, deodorant, as well as many other kitchen and bathroom supplies were gratefully received.

While I’m ready to get back home to my family, it’s going to be hard leaving this place!

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I have an incredible wife that God gave to me on May 10, 1997. Since then, the Lord has blessed us with three wonderful boys. I am also the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Polk City, Florida.

2 thoughts on “Day #10 Reflections in Guatemala

  1. i am not sure who was blessed more, the kids, the team of workers, or the group that reads your blog. Somehow, I think all three groups are feeling God move them in new directions ! Thank you for sharing and showing God’s love . It inspires me!

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