Enjoying Some Family Time at the Crosstown Rivalry 2018

Each year, the residents of Murray and Calloway County gather to watch our two high school teams compete. While we live in the same city, eat in the same restaurants, shop at the same stores, and go to the same churches, this is the time when we divide … in a reasonably friendly sort of way.

Tonight, Kim and I got to enjoy this football game a little more than we have on previous occasions. That’s because we got to spend time with Zach in the stands, as we watched Sean play some football, and Joseph play in the high school marching band.

Kim and I got to enjoy spending time with Zach, Dani, and Codey.
Love this banner of Sean that was hanging on the stands as we approached the field!
The Air Evac Helicopter landed and delivered the “game ball.”
Sean is on the defensive line at the far end. His helmet and shoulder pads are barely visible in this picture.
Joseph is playing with the Calloway County High School Marching Band. He’s only in 8th grade and is the youngest(?) member of this band (he turned 13 only two days ago).

We are thankful to Stacy Wortham for the following three pictures! She got some better shots of Sean (#6) than I did.

Waiting for the ball to be snapped. Sean (#6) is playing on the defensive line.
We noticed that Murray’s coach often had Sean (#6) double-teamed. He wasn’t able to make the sacks and tackles like he did in the scrimmage against Union County. (He had 2 sacks and 8 tackles in the practice game a week ago.)
Sean (#6) is getting doubled up. It appeared that his previous performance caused him to be seen as someone that needed to be stopped. But, it will just make him fight harder and get tougher.

Here is a video of the CCHS Marching Band performance of their first set during halftime. Joseph is standing at the rear of the group on the field on the 40 yard line.

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